You’ve always aspired to be an event manager—you know you are good at organising and making things happen. An event management career is exciting, yes, you get to deal with different types of people such as AV hire Melbourne tech whizzes. However, event management requires more than interpersonal and organisation skills.


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Here are some key points that might help you jumpstart your career:

Cultivate Patience in Making Mistakes

So you just landed an internship or your first job as an event assistant. You’re excited about the tasks and challenges and you’re determined to overcome them. However, you must also develop a habit of having an open heart to failure.

Why would you even set yourself for failure?

This is not negative thinking. This means acknowledging that you will not deliver and accomplish tasks 100% all of the time. It’s about being intelligent and accepting enough to address your flaws. It’s also being sensible enough to oversee possible factors that are not in your control, and they may hinder you from completing your task.

Remember that the event management industry is dependent on equipment and technology. And, unlike people, they evolve fast. You have to put this in mind in case you feel like you’re being too hard on yourself.

Be patient with yourself because this comes in handy whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Be Wary of Contingencies

As what’s been mentioned, there are factors outside of your control that might hinder you from accomplishing your tasks. One of the most exhausting contingencies in event management is forgetting to prepare a solid risk management plan. See more here RTR Productions

How can you prepare for contingencies? Below are the most general steps you can include in your risk management plan. For utmost efficiency, you need to collaborate with your team, superior, and industry experts:

  1. First, identify risks—power outage, the absence of key speakers, outraged guests, and so on. Each set of risks depends on the type of event.
  2. Develop a risk management plan for a set of risks in a certain type of event.
  3. Ensure that you are working with reliable agencies and suppliers. For instance, if you’re in need of an AV hire in Melbourne, then you should background check that Melbourne AV Hire company, first.
  4. Always think about everyone’s safety from the planning until the decoration.

Know Who to Deal With

It’s important to develop camaraderie with your team. But you know what’s even more crucial in the event management industry? It’s knowing who’s who in making things possible. You have to know the trustworthy people or companies in your industry.

For instance, you probably know how crucial the technical aspects of an event. So if the technical director of a concert event experiences difficulties with the equipment, you have to address that with the AV hire Melbourne company.

The AV hire Melbourne company you’re dealing with should attend to your questions about equipment in the quickest time possible. If you find AV hire Melbourne companies nearby who has stellar customer service, then keep a healthy business relationship with that company.

Learn How to Say No

This may sound cliché, but it’s one of the most important lessons you’ll learn from being an event manager. From where you are, it may be tempting to say yes to all the opportunities and tasks laid out in front of you. However, you should learn when and how to say no. Learn to figure out when you need to decline, but say it politely. It will save you a lot of unnecessary stress.