If you are trying to find the best brothel Gold Coast has to offer, you have come to the right place. Unlike other types of businesses, adult or erotic establishments are not easy to find or learn about. It, therefore, is hard to tell which establishment is better than the other if you have never been to one as a customer. However, in this article, get the scoop on how to gauge a brothel to determine if it’s as classy and prestigious as it claims.

best brothel gold coast

Priced rates

One quick way to find the best brothel on the gold coast is by looking at the rates. Most people want to find the cheapest rates when they visit a brothel. However, the best brothels offer top notch services and have no shortage of clients. As such, they cannot offer their services at the lowest rates. If you find a brothel that has very low rates, you can rest assured that it’s not the best location in town to seek your erotic pleasures from. The best locations know their worth and will charge accordingly.

Great setting

The best brothel Gold Coast has should also boast a great setting. Outdoors, it should be located in a good part of town, not some downtown street. The area must be clean, quiet, and secure. Indoors, the setting should be welcoming and cosy. Expect great seating, a lively reception area, air conditioning, etc. If you find a brothel that is not anywhere close to this, again, it may not be the best joint in town.

Hottest girls

The girls are the main attraction in a brothel. They are the reason clients will line up and frequent a brothel several times in a week. If you want to tell if a brothel is the best around, look at the girls offered. There should be a plum variety of the hottest girls available. If this is not the case, it could be an indicator that the girls you’re after are somewhere else. After all, the best brothels should attract nothing but the best talent.

Great reviews online

The best brothel on the Australian Gold Coast should also enjoy the best reviews online. This could be on their website, on independent review sites or on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. This is the best indication yet that people are enjoying the services offered. If you see nothing but bad reviews from past customers, keep looking around.

Great customer care

Last but not least, a good brothel should have great customer care services. After all, it is a business, and where business is concerned, the customer is king. Whether it’s online, via phone or at the reception, the best brothels will treat you with respect and will strive to ensure that you are comfortable. This is one of the pillars of great business and brothels are not immune to it.

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