How to Wear Your Silver

Among the many metal pieces that make the best accessories is silver. The silver accessory industry is recognized globally and in numerous countries, one of which is in Bangkok, Thailand. The famous silver pendants in Bangkok where you can buy wholesale are said to be the most in-demand and sought after places by tradesmen as well as regular customers who love silver.

When in Bangkok, the place to be for unique silver pieces that come at affordable price tags are in jewelry trades and fairs. Someone who loves silver jewelry will be dazzled by the collections and displays in the event since the pieces are unlike what commercial stores have available. This means unconventional, original, one-of-a-kind and the most creative craftsmanship one will ever find are in these venues.

Which leads to the concern of how silver is best worn. The traditional silver pendants in Bangkok where you can buy wholesale should be used in a way that the beauty of it will come out. A regular necklace has to be worn with the right piece of added jewelry and clothing as well.

Here are great tips that can be very useful to the silver addict out there, who is already confused on how to wear each accessory at hand:

  • Silver is a shiny metal that creates both an elegant and chic touch to an ensemble. Having said that, it will shine the most with black – a silver pendant over a black turtleneck top, silver hoop earrings with long and black let-down hair, a stack of silver rings over dark-painted nails and so on. The idea is to create contrast in order to bring out the shine and glitter of the metal, and black is the perfect color to do just that.
  • There is the famous fashion advice that says not to over accessorize in terms of jewelry. Well, guess what? This may just not be the case with silver because it remains to be subtle despite the number of accessories worn at the same time. One may wear a pair of silver stud earring, a silver charm bracelet, a matching silver pendant necklace and silver rings in one look and it will not appear to be exaggerated. Silver has the unique quality of balance.
  • The silver pendants in Bangkok where you can buy wholesale are best used for casual wear too. Even if a girl is only wearing ripped-off jeans and a tank top or a basic white tee, the said silver accessory complements it. This is how flexible silver accessories can be, that even the simplest of clothes can be transformed into a chic and trendy outfit. Who says you can’t wear jewelry while wearing jeans, sneakers or just a simple shirt?
  • Silver can be used in stacking. If you have one too many silver bangles, you don’t have to pick just one but rather all of them. It can create a cute 80’s look when bangles are worn high. Just the same, rings can be stacked up too and it doesn’t matter if they are of different thickness or designs, because the beauty of it is in the contrast and difference of each piece.

Wedding Videographers: 4 Video Aspects they Should Be Acquainted With

A wedding is a great occasion that most couples treasure and sacrifice anything they could to make it successful. While looking for a professional wedding planner is one of the main agendas in their planning, the spouses also consider having professional photos and videos shot. Videos can or fail to make the big day memorable depending on how they are made. When looking for an experienced wedding videographer Melbourne has, it is good to find out if they know the aspects that make wedding videos great. Here are some of the video aspects they should know.


A good Melbourne wedding videographer should include audio in their videos. Other than seeing how the event was, the spouses or anyone else watching the video would like to hear what was going on then. Without audio, half of the wedding day content would be missing, and this would make the video less interesting to those watching it. The main purpose of including audio in the video is making the story of the couples, friends, and relatives unique. Of course, most of those who visit you to watch the video will not identify its greatness, but they would quickly notice any slight error.

Technical proficiency

Technical proficiency in wedding videography comes in levels depending on the experts involved and the quality of the tools used. However, a trained eye seems to be the most influential aspect when it comes to technical proficiency. When a video lacks some professional aspects, even an untrained eye can notice it. Improving proficiency in videography does not necessarily require you to use new video cameras, support equipment or lens. This just requires the wedding videographer Melbourne has to nail their skills in framing, focus, and exposure on the big day. Check Wedding Movies for more details.

Creativity and originality

Every couple is after having unique videos and photos of their memorable wedding day. Although there is nothing wrong with a videographer borrowing ideas from the previous videos that were made in other weddings, being creative in the way they use them is everything. What the videographers and spouses should agree is that avoiding errors may not be possible when trying to come up with new things. In fact, even an experienced wedding videographer Melbourne has today may misplace footage in their trial to discover something new.


Where possible, it is good to make some parts of a wedding video emotive. It would be a lost opportunity hiring a videographer who makes videos that don’t make the viewers cry, laugh and smile. It is good to find wedding videographer in Melbourne who is proficient in making emotive wedding videos. Although films are different, good wedding videos create emotion and leave those watching with a fuzzy feeling.

The above suggests that you cannot expect a lot from your wedding videos if the videographer you choose fails to pay much attention to the above aspects. Remember that the cost should not make you overlook these aspects in the name of saving money. The good thing with having a quality video for your wedding is that you would watch it many years to come and still find it exciting and meaningful. On the other hand, the video would make your kids desire to have a great matrimonial wedding just like you did. For more info, visit

Four Merchandising Online Tips And Tricks

How you present the product and buying opportunities has a significant impact on sales. Therefore, making good merchandising decisions especially based on how the complementary products are displayed, results managed and hierarchy of the site is of immense importance to ascertain success in Brisbane Broncos merchandise online. Just to mention, merchandising means promotion of goods and sales at retail. This incorporates various activities such as the provision of free samples, on the spot demonstration, display techniques, pricing, special offers and much more.

Brisbane Broncos merchandise online

For increased online sale, traffic to the site has to be increased. This is the biggest challenge to store owners. With the explosion of e-commerce, it may be tough to attract mass visitors to the website. However, when done well, high conversion rates, large orders, and overall increased sales should be expected.

Nonetheless, take a look at the following factors to succeed in your Broncos merchandise online Brisbane venture:

  • Merchandise in search results

Search results pages provide a good opportunity for retailers to present what they offer. However, some sellers overlook the importance of this opportunity, claiming that a retail site search should resemble a Google search results page. Therefore, any search results page should resemble a product category page complete with layered and faceted navigation in addition to product images. Since most of the visitors use search as their primary navigation form, having this will undoubtedly be crucial to Brisbane Broncos merchandise online success.

  • Cross-selling, upsell and down sell

Cross-selling, up selling and down selling introduces related and complementary products to potential customers as they navigate the site. Cross-selling provides the shoppers with complementary and often competitive products. This gives the shopper all he/she needs to choose between similar products and price ranges. Up selling seeks to introduce the shopper with a premium product. On the other hand, down selling offers shoppers a similar but less expensive product. Experts in Broncos merchandise online in Brisbane advice on this to help retailers dispose of overstocked or slow-moving items.

  • Use of product categories

Search hierarchy is an excellent form of Brisbane Broncos merchandise online. The success of categories as merchandising technique is reliant on organizing the category structure and labels to resonate with shoppers. This makes it easy for prospective shoppers to find the product they are looking for.

  • Increase exposure by using social buttons

Social media platforms are causing ripples among marketing strategies. This is why incorporating this online merchandise strategy is prudent. The more impressions gathered by your product on your social network channels increases the likelihood of purchases as shoppers seek to buy Pool Room Supplies.

Working on merchandising is important to improve product sales and overall profitability. The tips mentioned above can work significantly in helping you achieve this. As mentioned before, this process aims at presenting the products or services to potential buyers for easy purchase. Additionally, it should help introduce complementary items to shoppers as well as entice the website visitors to consider buying the products. To achieve this, consider marketing your products from established online merchandises such as the

5 Interesting Ways to Fill an Empty Notebook

Have you recently purchased a notebook and wondered how you can fill its blank pages? With digital notebooks stealing the spotlight from traditional ones, what should you do with the blank pages of your new notebook?  Although technology has made note-taking easier these days, there is still beauty in the simplicity of traditional notebooks, like a Clairefontaine notebook for instance. Knowing how to fill its empty pages will help you start your note-taking journey with ease.

1. To-Do List

The most common reason why people use a notebook is to have a to-do list. It can be a list of books to read, movies to watch, grocery list, birthday list, wish list, gift ideas and so on. When you have handy Clairefontaine notebook with you, creating a to-do list is easy especially when you use the wire bound and lined edition. The more you use your notebook, your mind will be less cluttered and you will be more organized.

2. Planner

You can also use your Clairefontaine notebook as a planner. Depending on your preference, you can use it to plan your meal, plan a party, plan your next outdoor adventure or plan your dream vacation. You can choose from a wide selection of notebooks, ranging from hardcover ones, classic style, clothbound, wire bound and side staple styles to suit your taste.

3. Journaling

Another way to fill blank notebook pages is through journaling. It is where you write your ideas, your dreams, your goals as well as your memorable days. There are a lot of journal prompts and ideas you can search online to get your creative juices flowing. You can even write about your bad days and use it as a way to motivate yourself to do better. Or try out smash book journaling and add photos along with your notes to make your entries more interesting. You can opt for a Clairefontaine notebook that comes with acid-free papers to help protect the quality of your photos. You can also choose a notebook with an elastic closure to keep your journal entries from prying eyes.

4. Study Notes

If you are familiar with the Cornell Method of Notetaking, you can try it out using your Clairefontaine notebook or your Rhodia notebook. Their extra white pages are perfect for writing key concepts and ideas, jotting down important facts to remember as well as summarizing the topic. Their smooth satin finish will also make highlighting easier especially when you want to highlight a portion of your notes with a coloured highlighter pen. If you are concerned about the environment, there are notebooks that use recyclable materials and are chlorine-free for you to have peace of mind while you take down notes.

5. Art

Do not limit your notebook into note-taking and journaling alone. There are notebooks that have blank pages and they are perfect for doodling, sketching, and calligraphy as well. These notebooks come in colourful covers but you can also try out your creative skills by creating custom-covers to make your notebook stand out from the rest.

The above are just a few interesting ways you can fill your empty notebook pages. Since it doesn’t require electricity whenever you use it, a traditional notebook is still a good way to keep your day organised. For more details, just visit

Fountain Pen Mechanics: Checking the Ink Filling System for Effective Writing

If you are planning to buy fountain pens, you need to understand that there are varieties of them hence you must be able to identify the best that suit your needs. While there are many factors to consider, this article provides some insights on choosing your fountain pens in terms of their ink filling system. Well, you can pick any fountain pen of your choice from the Notedian online store.

Which is the best ink filling system for a fountain pen?

Notably, there are different ink-filling systems applied in fountain pens but each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you will have to weigh the benefits from the different options to settle on the best fountain pens from those available at Notedian. The different filling systems include:

Cartridge system

A cartridge is an ink reservoir that usually comes as a tube. Generally, cartridges are quite common because they are simple and convenient to use since they are light in weight. Therefore, one can easily change ink when necessary. Moreover, they are less expensive. However, one cannot enjoy the large varieties of colors of ink available in the market or from the Notedian store. This is because fountain pens that use the cartridge system are only limited to some ink colors.

Converter system

Some fountain pens use a cartridge with a converter where a mechanical force is applied and a chamber with low air pressure is created where ink is drawn. Under the converter filling systems, you have the option of choosing between the piston converters that make use of the twist mechanism in drawing the ink, or the squeeze converters, which apply simple press mechanism in drawing the ink to the pen. The advantage of using converters is that most of the cartridge pens can also use converters. Similarly, you will be able to use a wider variety of bottled ink as compared to when you buy cartridge pens. However, they have a drawback in that most of them do not hold as much ink and may even hold less ink than what the cartridge systems can.

Built-in filling system

Some fountain pens will have a filling system built inside of them hence no need to buy a separate cartridge or converter. Consequently, one will be able to fill the ink from any bottle. One can choose between the built-in piston filling system and the built in vacuum filling system. The built-in system allows the pen to carry a higher ink capacity than the converters or the cartridges. This is because the entire barrel can hold ink. Additionally, it is convenient since one will be able to fill ink directly from the bottle. Furthermore, one can choose from a wide variety of ink colors available in bottles.

Eyedropper system

For the pens with an eyedropper system, the ink will be filled into the barrel by use of an eye dropper, pipette or syringe. This system was mainly used in the manufacture of the early fountain pens. The benefits of this system are that one can choose from a variety of inks and it has a larger holding capacity. However, such pens are prone to leaks.

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Hire a Marquee for a Special Event

For any special occasion, a wedding, a birthday, a private function, and sporting events or a corporate meeting, if it is to be held outside, it would make a lot of sense to hire a marquee. This can give shelter from the elements. There could be the possibility of a short shower. The sun could be really hot. As well as possible shelter from a persistent breeze. It could discourage insect visitors as well. It also adds a sense of “class” and gives any event that much more importance. A corporate meeting with tables and chairs stuck out in the open with no covering could well look rather strange. For anyone interested in hiring a marquee, Marquee Hire in Sydney has a number of options that can be considered.

Hiring Marquees

The first thing to do is to contact marquee hire in Sydney. There is then a free site assessment. Unless the site is looked at very carefully, it would be very hard to determine which would be the best marquee for that location. This will mean looking at the size of the area, its surface or any other factors that might need to be taken into consideration. Once that is done then a quote can be forwarded on the same day or within 24 hours.

Options Available

There is quite a variety of styles of marquee available. The marquees that are used are the German Hocker Brand. They are a major company in this field. They use a straightforward modular aluminum frame system in their construction.

Here is a sample of the marquees that are available for hire:

Pagoda Marquee 3m x 3m

The Pagoda has a long history in South Asia and its distinctive square form and pointed roof was formed into towers in the past. Here there could just be one hired or a whole number arranged around a field.

Pagoda Marquee 4m x 12m

Another option is to simply link a series of marquees together in a line.

Clearspan Structure Marquee 4m x 3m

This is a straightforward marquee with a pitched roof. Again these can be joined together to form a line of Clearspan Structure Marquees. They can be extended out to 12m. The sort of structure that would suit, for example, a buffet laid out along the length of the marquee.

Clearspan Structure Marquee 6m x 3m

This is another option that is available of a pitched roof marquee. It can be extended out to 6m x 21m.

All these options can set up an event that maybe echos the marquees found at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis or the Henley Regatta. With imagination, quite a lot can be done.

Giant White Umbrella 4.2m x 4.2m

This is a very straightforward option. This is fixed in a secure base and will give shelter from direct sunlight.

Finally other items that are on hire.

If this is a big event and a lot of people plan to come to it, then a number of different things have to be taken into consideration.

A marquee hire in Sydney may also be able to supply the following items. There are chairs and bar stools, as well as trestle tables, circular tables and bar tables. All catering items can be supplied as well as temporary flooring, lighting and accessories.